• Telephone Check-In: In case of Digital EPABX room extension can be automatically unlocked.
  • Telephone Check-Out: In case of Digital EPABX room extension can be automatically locked.
  • Wake-up Call: In case of Digital EPABX, where wake-up call can be given.
  • Call Listing: Call Listing (All or Room Wise) for a given day.
  • Extension wise calls: Room Wise call listing for the given period .
  • Bills Query: Screen display of checkout bills. Duplicate copy the bill or Individual criteria like Room Bill, Telephone Call bills, Room service bills or Other Service can be printed.
  • Room Status: Displays Total collection of all the occupied rooms. (Room No., Check-in Date/Time, Guest Name, No. of Persons, Room Rent, Telephone Call, Room Service, Other Service, Advance Received, Balance to Receive).
  • Room Availability: Displays Room Availability under each Room Type.
  • Check-in List: Displays list of customers Checked-In/Checked-Out (Query by City, Name, Receipt).
  • Update Customers List: For Mailing & Letters (Non regular customers can be removed from the database).
  • Item Master (Report): List of Food & Beverage Items.
  • Sales Register: Restaurant Sales Register.
  • Food Bill – Summary: Room service bills summary.
  • Popularity Report: Quantity of Consumption of food items for a given period.
  • Waiter Wise Sales: Waiter wise sales report.
  • List of Void KOT’s: List of Void KOT’s.
  • Restaurant Collection: Restaurant collection for a given period (Date & Time).
  • Pending KOT: Pending KOT which are not converted to Restaurant bills.
  • List of Cancelled Bills: List of Cancelled bills.
  • Police Report: List of Check-in details given to Police Station.
  • Reservation Schedule: List of reservation Schedules for the given date range.
  • Check – In – Registe:r Check-in-register.
  • Check – Out – Register: Check-out-Register.
  • Age Analysis: Age-Analysis for credit bills.
  • Daily Collection Report: Daily collection report for a given period (Date & Time) (Cash/Cheque/Card).
  • Luxury – Tax – Report: Luxury Tax report bill wise.
  • Consolidated Luxury Tax: Consolidated Luxury Tax date wise.
  • Login Details: User Login Details (User name, Login Time, Logout Time).
  • User Creation: User Creation & Access right can be given for individual screen.
  • Database Maintenance: Database Maintenance (Back-up and Repair of Database).
  • Options… Like 24 or 12 hours check-in, printing option, Check-out report format etc.Change Password: Changing password.
  • Change Password: Changing password.